Pratt Bulldogs Program

Lifestyle, Food, Puppy Curriculum

We want to show what it is like to do breeding right!



We live in beautiful Montana near the iconic Yellowstone river. We live on a wonderful farm with many acres for the dogs and kids to run and explore!

We take them with us almost everywhere. They are truly a part of our family and are with us constantly!


RAW Food

We do a combination of Raw and dry food depending on travel and season. Our preference is RAW food! There are so many health benefits associated with raw that we do that completely with our puppies to set them on their journey in the strongest mode possible!


Puppy Curriculum

We are so excited about the pairing of Puppy Culture with the Badass Breeder Empowered Puppy Curriculum. We want to set these puppies up for a loving relationship with their human, adaptable, quick recovery, adventurous, and biddable.

It is critical to us that we work with these puppies before they go into their forever homes. So much can and should be done to help them develop in the safety of their mother’s presence.



We understand trying to navigate the value to be placed on a dog. When we decided we wanted a dog we were in the “adopt don’t shop” and “should only spend $500” frame of mind. As we educated ourselves on all aspects and what that could mean for our family we realized how important it is to us to find the right personality and health standards for our family. Learn more below!

OUR LIFESTYLE– We love the small rural community we live in. The dogs are well-known and allowed to join us for most of our adventures!

We live on a small farm where they get to play in the irrigation water and run to their hearts’ content! There are so many trees and spaces to explore. Not to mention all the attention they get from our little helpers. The kids truly help teach the dogs that both adults and children are kind. 

RAW Food– Yes this is so good for your dog! Their ancestors ate raw and did so really until 1956 when dry kibble was launched which made food shelf stable for years. A huge commercial push for kibble started in the 60’s. Kibble food is extremely pasteurized and so many nutrients are taken out so that it can last so long in the stores. 

We want to give our dogs the best. We process our own antelope, deer, beef, and any other protein for the season to give our dogs the best we can provide! 

Puppy Curriculum– Starting in the womb we work with the puppies. We give momma massages and stimulate them while they are in the womb. Then the real work starts after they are born!

Our goal is to build up these pups to succeed in whatever path their owner has planned. This could be the best family dog, guard dog, or working dog! Leavitt Bulldogs are independent thinkers and great problem solvers. We help these puppies keep their amazing traits and also teach them that they can be their human’s best sidekick.

We want them to be attentive to you!

Helping You Find Success In Your Puppy Search

Know what you are getting!

Danny and Sarah have both had rescue dogs in their lives. We were truly changed when we realized we can know the health quality of the dog that we were adding to our family. The gamble wasn’t something we wanted to add with two young kids in the home. We didn’t want the chance of wild health risks or major behavior problems. We wanted a dog that we could trust with our children and know that they will live a healthy life!

The breeder we worked closely with truly showed us the importance of food and puppy curriculum. We were blown away when bringing Rosie into our home. She was a complete rockstar. We even went through a tornado the first night with her and she adapted to each situation.

Rosie is so loving. She naps with the kids. She lets them play dress up and play doctor with her. Rosie has never shown any aggression towards kids which is exactly what we expected from her after her puppy evaluation. 

Also, no surprise health issues!

Is it worth it?


We give our puppies the best food experience. Nutrients matter to their growth and development. Nutrient-dense food that we process from Montana has a price than a bag of dry food. 

We also spend time giving them a meat bone and start the training to remove food aggression. My kids are even able to remove a bone that our dog is invested in without any worry of aggression. This is an important skill that takes time to teach before the go-home day!


We spend 24/7 with these puppies working with them and loving on them. We are cleaning constantly. This is a huge difference between a puppy from an accidental litter and a quality breeder.


We do all the health screening before we choose to breed. This takes investment and planning on our end. This effort only costs around the cost of an Amazon Prime membership or a Netflix membership. Yet you are getting a quality member of the family that shouldn’t have the huge mystery vet bills that a rescue/puppy mill dog can have.