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Leavitt Standards

The standards of a Leavitt Bulldog are to regain the health quality, temperament, and athletic working ability of the dog.


Family Companion Dogs

Leavitt Bulldogs are great family dogs! They adventure, play, and are perfect snuggle buddies. They are loyal and incredibly loving. They want to be by your side and your best friend.


Sporting Dogs

Leavitt Bulldogs are working dogs and sporting dogs: Weight Pulling, Agility,
Obedience, Canicross, Bike Joring, Mushing, Hog Catching, and of course working cattle like their ancestors.


Guard Dogs

With proper training, they can make great guard dogs! They are so alert, loyal, and loving. They naturally want to protect. Find a great trainer to help you work with your dog to be a true guard dog.


Puppy Curriculum

You can find a dog anywhere. You, as a buyer- should ask about the puppy curriculum! You can have a dog that fits any and all of these categories when you find a breeder, Pratt Bulldogs wink, who spends time working with the puppies on stimulation, exploration, situation recovery, confidence building, adaptability, and so much more!

What is The Process Like?

We want to include our puppy families in the journey of the puppy’s growth from birth to go-home day! We will show constant puppy updates, curriculum, personality testing, and of course, puppy go-home packages with the precious puppy to join your family!

1. Reservation Fee

Your $500 reservation fee holds your spot for a puppy. This is important because it aids in preferences when we are helping pair a puppy with its future family. 

2. Send in Contract and Informational Form

We have a contract and an informational “Get To Know You” form. The Get To Know You form is incredibly helpful to us as we work with the puppies. We can keep a look out for personality traits that would truly complement your lifestyle. It is helpful when doing curriculum: for example, do you live next to a train crossing and want us to adapt the puppy to loud train sounds so they are ready for it when they come home? We can do that! 

3. Follow our social media and emails

You get to see so much on our social media pages of the journey. We want to share that with you! After you send in the contract we add you to the Pratt Bulldog Family Emails. We send out specialized information there to personalize the experience more. 

4. Personality Testing

Every puppy is unique and special as well as every family is unique and special. We put our puppies through personality testing at 7 weeks old to have a better idea of who the dog will be. We share this with the families to help them know their pup on a deeper level before they join their home.

5. Go Home Day!

We work with you on plans to unite you with your pup. When that day comes, you get a personalized Puppy Go-Home package with your beloved puppy! 

6. The Rest Of The Journey

We don’t leave your side as soon as you unite with your puppy. We want to be your support and enjoy your journey with your Leavitt. If any questions you have- we are here! Any funny and sweet stories- we are here! As long as you want to communicate we would love to be a support system for you and that doesn’t stop with go-home day.

About The Pratts

Danny and Sarah started the journey to find the perfect dog for our lifestyle. We researched countless dog breeds. We were looking for a dog with great health standards, medium-sized, confident, strong, and of course, loving. We finally found the Leavitt Bulldog! Their approval standards impressed us with how much they cared about the same things. We needed one that could handle active children in the house. We talked extensively with the breeder and through personality testing as well as the breed combination we committed. Our Leavitt is a strong, confident, playful, gentle, and loving family dog! She is a blast with adults while being thoughtful around babies. They do take training and exercise! We wanted to share the joy of this breed with other families who would like a great addition to their family and with training could be an amazing guard dog as well!




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