2023- Rosie and Axel

Puppies were born February 25, 2023!

We have a total of 11 puppies! So many bundles of joy. We have 7 males and 4 females. 

True North Oldies Rosie

Rosie was whelped in Minnesota in May of 2020. Her parents are Top Notch Zorkon and Royalty Piper. 

Rosie passed her OFA health screenings and the Leavitt Bulldog Association registration!

A & L Axel

Axel made his journey from Denmark to Massachusets to his owner Julie! He was whelped in Denmark in January 2018. 

His parents are Only Bully’s Buster and Only Bully’s Ivy.

Adventurous Pups!

These puppies love exploring the outdoors

Nap time

Who doesn’t love a good sunspot nap?

Girl cuddles

These two love spending time together!

Guy cuddles

Nap cuddles in the sun!

Puppies cleaned up and momma resting

Taking a moment of rest!

Resting while we get the new bedding

All getting a rest after feedings

Rosie impressed during labor!

Rosie blew us away during labor! She was amazing with every puppy and delivered faster than we had expected!

When there were 10

We were calm and resting. Thrilled with 10 healthy puppies. Little did we know that we had one more coming!

Surprise # 11!

The big surprise! Last arrival number 11!

Daily Schedule

  • Dam health checks
  • Dam massage
  • Puppy cleaning and care
  • Puppy weight checks
  • Clean the whelping area frequently
  • Puppy curriculum (ENS/ENI, Noise exposure, handling exercises, whelping box activities, exposure activities, etc.

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